Liliana López

Liliana López was born and grew up in the state of Jalisco in Mexico. She grew up studying and working in her family businesses and as a result became interested in small business development. Her hobbies are oil painting, working out, martial arts and communications. In 1996 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in International Commerce from The University of Guadalajara.

In 2000, as a student seeking to learn and perfect the English language, she travelled to the United Stated for the first time. She’s been married to Doctor Cardona for over 9 years.
In August 2001, she obtained her educational equivalency for her Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration degree in the United States through The International Education Research Foundation (IERF).

In 2002 she obtained her certification as a Health Educator with the California Screening Brief Intervention and Referral Services and Treatment program (CASBIRT). Studied “TV Print” in John Casablanca school in San Diego, California and has a Chiropractic Assistant certificate in the State of Oregon.

She has managed Cardona Chiropractic Clinic for over eight years.

Her work experience includes the following:

  • Legal Assistant
  • Purchasing Supervisor
  • International Logistics
  • Health Educator
  • Office Management

Her education, in conjunction with her diverse work experience, has allowed her to obtain the best and most diverse skills in the management of an office, always with the objective of doing the best job, quickly, clearly and effectively.